Action100 video customization studio is a commercial video high-end mechanism in China. [ Belongs to Singapore Action100 universal studios ] We have many successful cases and very famous in the industry.

Since 2008, Action100 made more than 100 private shot films and many commercial videos, shooting throughout our nation and southeast Asia. We won a variety honors and Awards.Within 5 years, we treat every shooting times seriously and won the customer 100% satisfaction.

In 2013, we absorbed many famous planners and producers made our team more stronger. Thus, we are proud of our excellent creative ability, the outstanding level of production and successful ability of film making cross reginal.

Action100 video customization studio
Making the perfect video in the best times!


2008 年至今,艾森总计拍摄了 100 余部私人定制类与时尚商业类影片,拍摄地遍布中国与东南亚各地,其中不乏经典案例,并曾赢得专业媒体颁发重要奖项。五年时间里,艾森专注于每一张订单,精益求精,收获了100%客户满意度。

2013 年,业内知名策划人、制作人鼎力加盟,艾森的团队更加强大。